Counterbalance / Counterweight Davit Hire (with Operator)

Sometimes a tripod will just not do the job!

Counterweight / counterbalance davit hireCSTS hire out a range of davits to enable you to enter spaces where the opening may be too large for a tripod, the ground may be uneven or there may be insufficient headroom to use 'standard' confined space entry equipment. 

Whats more - CSTS can hire these specialist davits out with an operator for the day, meaning that those staff not trained to use the equipment can still benefit from the versatility these systems offer.

Our operator will bring the davit to your site, assemble it for you and can act as your top man (operating the davit for you).

When hired with an operator, davit hire attracts a 50% discount making this a cost effective solution for many applications.

For advice on which davit would suit your application or to book our services call 01925 244144 and ask for the Confined Space Support Teams or email us directly at 


I thought I'd seen it all !

I've worked as a confined space consultant for CSTS Ltd for over 11 years and arrogantly thought I'd seen it all! I've seen clients wanting to go over the top with their control measures. I've battled with clients who haven't seem to care. I've made projects happen that others said were too difficult and I've completed 100's of entries for various clients. I've even been threatened and offered bribes to give the 'right' recommendations! Today though was something different.
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If the mask fits ...

Our Consultant Helen Collins takes a deep breath and explains the ins and outs of face fit testing.

An article first published back in 2007 - still relevant for today!

"Today's high-performance protective masks are ergonomically designed to be as effective and comfortable as possible. But each design is unique and there is still no single type that offers correct fitting for every face. Facial profiles are far too diverse for one size to fit all.

Without a proper fit, the performance of any tight-fitting facepiece is very likely to be compromised, so it is vital that equipment is matched to the wearer. Unfortunately, although there is a legal requirement to enforce this aspect, experience in the safety industry indicates that fit testing of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is an area often neglected by employers, potentially exposing their workers to hazardous particulates, gases or vapours.

It's not enough to provide a facepiece and to maintain it in working order. You have to be sure it's suitable for the job, the working environment, the anticipated exposure level and, of course, the wearer. The latter part, making sure the equipment works for those using it, is where fit testing comes in."

Warrington Wolves Team Building Day at CSTS - Press Release

CSTS are proud sponsors of Warrington Wolves and invited the team to attend a training day with a difference earlier this week.


Below is a copy of the press release from Warrington Wolves.

Wolves have Tunnel Vision

Wolves still on course in both the league and cup at the midway point in the season.

Warrington Wolves are sitting in second place in the Stobart Super League and are in the semi-finals of the Carnegie Challenge Cup with their sights still firmly set on both competitions.

The team started their week’s preparation ahead of this year’s Magic Weekend derby with Widnes Vikings by taking in a training session underground.

Local company CSTS proudly sponsor Wolves’ star Simon Grix and this week invited the squad to their offices for a training activity.

The company is a specialist provider of health, safety & environmental education as well as a specialist in confined space training and support.

The squad were given a safety briefing before getting kitted out in the suits, hard hats, boots and helmets, running through the use of the safety equipment and breathing apparatus. The players took part in two exercises within the confined space of a tunnel underground. Firstly they rescued a dummy on a stretcher before working as a team to retrieve and construct a rescue tripod.

Gordon Lyon, managing director of CSTS, said: “I think they were quite nervous when they turned up, maybe more so than at the beginning of a match. When they came out having done the exercise, many of them had realised it wasn’t as easy as they first thought but not as scary either. I think they’ll learn many things from it and will have learnt that there are strenuous things in the work place that people don’t normally see. This is the first time we’ve run a session with a sports team. We’ve done similar activities with the fire brigade and police as they are often expected to work in that type of environment in the event of an emergency.”

He added about the ongoing partnership with the club: “I think having been a sponsor for a number of years, specifically with Simon, has given the business a focus in the Warrington area. We work all over the country but all the people we work with are aware of our relationship with Warrington and it’s our way of giving a little bit back to the local community with involvement for all the staff. It’s a good way for any business to be involved with the community and particularly with sport in the local area.”

The players all embraced the challenge and prop Garreth Carvell enjoyed the different training experience.  

“It was really good. It made a change from a swim the day after a game. It was a little bit scary though; dark tunnels, a bit damp and smelly but over all it was enjoyable. Ben Westwood was as usual on fire keeping the dummy we had to rescue in good spirits talking to him, making sure he was okay!

“It was a good way to realise what other jobs entail, going down rescuing people; it was good to see a different walk of life. We’ve done a few of these team bonding sessions now and I feel they help. It breaks the sessions up  and you get to have a laugh with the boys. It’s great working together and having a giggle along the way.”

Adding to this Karl Fitzpatrick, Wolves’ football manager, said: “It was quite a challenging environment, and was really good for team morale helping to freshen things up a bit, differing from the normal routine. It’s good to have these days every now and again. We have a strong team ethic coming through the club, all working together and pulling in the right direction.

“CSTS are a high performance team in their own right and we were glad to be able to gain them some exposure and share some of the team work ethics with them. Many of the players overcome some personal fears during the session and worked well together, communicating out of their comfort zone, challenging themselves in a new environment and the team came through it really well.”

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