INDG 258 Confined Spaces - A Brief Guide to Working Safely

The HSE's brief guidance on working safely in confined spaces was updated in January 2013.

INDG 258 Confined Spaces a Brief Guide to Working Safely.jpg

This free leaflet (INDG 258) briefly explains the definition of a confined space, the hazards commonly associated with confined spaces (specified risks), an introduction to the legal requirements and points to consider when producing a risk assessment, safe system of work and emergency arrangements.

This latest revision contains minor updates, however the guidance remains the same.

The leaflet can be downloaded for free here - from the HSE website.

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For further information feel free contact our consultants who are happy to give advice over the phone for free.  They can be contacted via telephone on 01925 244144 (just ask to speak to one of our confined space consultants) or via their direct email,

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