Giant Fatberg has Surprising Use!

I am sure by now everyone has heard about the giant accumulation of fat removed from a London Sewer earlier this month.

Fatberg found in sewer 2013.jpg

A giant 'fatberg'!

The 'fatberg' was reported to be approximately 15 tonnes in weight and the size of a school bus.  It was so big it reduced the sewers capacity by 95%, took 3 weeks to remove and caused damage to the sewer itself which will take up to 6 weeks to repair.

Aside from the obvious odour and other issues the accumulation of fat in our sewers causes, these fatbergs can have their uses.

Daniel Stone from National Geographic toured one of the London Sewers earlier this year and made some surprising discoveries and writes,

"Made of dense fats and oils, the structures are highly caloric, which makes them helpful for producing energy........... simply removing the fat and burning it in a turbine can produce more than 130 gigawatt-hours of energy each year, or about enough to power 40,000 London homes. The city plans to put the 15-ton berg to the same use, creating some very real cracks in the term clean energy."

Read the rest of Daniel's article, "Giant Fatberg Found Under London Has Surprising Use".