Emergency Services 999 Text Service - are you registered?

You can now text the UK public emergency services in an emergency.

This obviously has huge advantages for those who cannot make voice calls because of a speech impediment or hearing loss, or remote workers who rely on mobile phones and may not have sufficient reception to make a call.

In order to take advantage of this service, you must register your phone - follow these easy steps...

  • Text the word 'register' in an SMS to 999.
  • Read the text you are sent about the service.
  • Reply with the word 'yes' in an SMS.
  • You will then receive a message telling you your phone has been registered.

By far the quickest way to summon the emergency services is by making a telephone / voice call, however if you are unable to do this then the text service offers an alternative.

If you need to text the emergency services make sure you include the following information...

  • Which - ambulance, police, coastguard, fire...
  • What - briefly explain what the problem is.
  • Where - give your location as accurately as possible.

Your message might look like this, "ambulance. man having a heart attack. outside post office. valley road watford".

It may take a few minutes for your message to be received (read why here), however if you haven't received a reply in 3 minutes resend your message.  The operator may reply with questions asking for more details.

For more information visit the EmergencySMS website.